What Makes Our Bubble Tea So Special

Bubble tea originated from Taiwan in the 1980’s. It’s time we gave it a refresh!

Fresh brewed tea, sweetened with real brown sugar and accompanied by your choice of tapioca pearls, aloe, nata de coco and more. Our milk teas use organic milk from local farms. We have over 8 natural flavors of tea to try.

Full Espresso Bar

We start with espresso beans that we love: classic Brazilian coffee beans with a full, nutty flavor and a hint of caramel. We pair this with only the freshest milk from our local farms, steaming it to a delicious froth under our steam wands. And finally, we add our own special LimeRed touch: adding flavors that stand apart from the typical sugar-pump varieties such as “Caramel Macchiato”. We combine the espresso with unique flavors such as Thai Iced Tea, creamy Coconut Latte, or fresh fruit strawberries and whisked Green Tea Matcha.

Large Selection of Rich Desserts

Each location has its own selection of various exciting desserts. Choose from crepe cakes imported directly from Hokkaido, Japan, to over 16 different flavors of handmade French macarons from an amazing bakery partner in New York City.

Our Boston location has a full professional kitchen that produces buttery croissants filled with creamy custard and tapioca boba pearls.

There’s something for everyone’s sweet cravings!